Deep Cleaning

What’s included

Deep Cleaning / One Time Cleaning

Bedrooms, Living & Dining areas

Dust the blinds, ceiling fans, light fixtures and remove cobwebs
(on all accessible surfaces)
Clean windows (inside) and window sills
Empty trash bins and replace bags
Sweep/Vacuum floors and baseboards
Sweep/Vacuum carpets
Sweep Balcony/Garage/Patio (If applicable)
Change the sheets and make beds (if extra clean sheets are left out)
Dust furniture
Clean under and around furniture
Brush and vacuum sofas


Clean and disinfect all surfaces
Clean and disinfect the interior of the microwave
Wipe down exterior of appliances and cabinets
Empty the sink and run the dishwasher (handwash up to 10 items)


Clean and disinfect the toilet, shower/tub, surfaces, and sinks
Wipe down all mirrors
Sweep, disinfect and mop floors and baseboards
Empty trash cans and replace bags

Please contact the office for any additional questions or concerns.

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